About me

Imagine one day waking up and you are rested. Imagine getting a call from your friend asking to go out for lunch and not have to run through a check list of concerns –  Do they have food I can eat? What will happen if I do get sick? Will I have to scope my surroundings for the nearest bathroom? Believe me, I understand your frustrations. I too have had some of those same fears, so I decided to stand up and say enough is enough. I need to find a solution. Having health challenges is not fun, but I have been able to learn a great deal about the human body because of these challenges. It really was a catalyst to formalize my education and become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner. Now I want to share my knowledge and help others who have felt, like I have, that there is no hope. I want to give others the support I never knew.

So, I decided to formulate a plan based on this simple philosophy: good food = good health. That is to say that if you have a properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet, then you will begin to achieve your goal of balancing the body’s systems. Simple philosophy yes, but difficult to achieve. Everywhere you turn in any grocery store and probably even the farm down the street, there are pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto the crops, saturating the soil and making it into your food. Then there’s the processed foods, rancid oils, and GM sugars you can’t seem to escape. CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) confine animals where their only goal is to fatten them up quickly without regard for the animals health. We are often consuming sickly animals who are being fed genetically modified grains and injected with antibiotics. These practices have likely resulted in many of our health challenges. The quality of our food is truly paramount. You can choose food to enhance health or you can choose to feed disease.

At a young age we are taught that if you are sick, you need to go to a doctor. They, in turn, will give you a prescription. What we are not taught is that a prescription, in many cases, is just a band aid masking the symptoms and quite often creating others. The root cause of the problem isn’t necessarily taken into account. Why do I have acid reflux? Why do I have diarrhea or constipation? Why do I wake up at 2:00 am every night? Why am I unable to lose weight when I’m doing everything right? Why is my blood sugar out of whack? Why don’t I feel well when all my tests say I’m fine? Sometimes the cause is something so simple as avoiding some foods, not having enough acid in the stomach, or being deficient in a nutrient. Now don’t get me wrong; sometimes it is vital to go to a doctor. Sometimes those pharmaceuticals will save your life. But quite often there are alternatives for many chronic issues.

My mission is to use my knowledge and experience to educate and support my clients through the maze of misinformation and help you meet your health goals. We need to take control of our food and our health. Nutrition is the building blocks for a healthy body.

Here are some ways I can help you…

– Improve digestion
– Control sugar cravings
– Follow a specialized Detox plan
– Reduce or gain weight
– Follow a step by step bio-individual nutrition program
– Organize and follow an Autoimmune Protocol Diet
– Create lifestyle changes

… And so much more

I look forward to helping you with your health goals!

To good health,
Brenda Smith, NTP, RWP


Here is some of the training I have completed:

Nutritional Therapy Association – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Restorative Wellness Solutions – Restorative Wellness Practitioner Level 1

Dicken Weatherby – Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Ben Lynch – Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics Part 1 and Part 2

Coleen Walsh – Understanding MTHFR & Methylation Training

Dana Brown – Neurology of Digestion using Muscle Testing

Kresser Institute – Adapt Series – SIBO and In Practice – Practitioner Series

University of Copenhagen – Bacteria & Chronic Infections

University of Copenhagen/ University of Colorado System – Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome

UC San Diego – Vitamin D, Sunshine and Optimal Health

UC San Diego – Vitamin D and Pregnancy












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