Use all organic ingredients as well as raw dairy ingredients when possible.

10065968-butternut-squash-whole-and-halvedButternut Soup with Coconut Milk

1 Tb coconut oil, butter or ghee

½ c onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1” piece ginger, peeled, minced or grated

2 c homemade chicken broth (below)

½ c coconut milk, full fat (or cream/milk of choice)

1 tsp Himalayan or Celtic sea salt

Pinch ground red pepper (opt)

4 c fresh butternut squash, cubed

Heat oil in a large saucepan over med-high heat.  Sauté onion for 3-4 minutes.  Add garlic and ginger – sauté 1-2 minutes.  Add the remaining ingredients, except coconut milk. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add coconut milk.  Cover and simmer 20-30 minutes until squash is tender.  Stir occasionally.

Blend in small batches or use a hand immersion blender.

Ladle into bowls and garnish with a drizzle of coconut milk and a few crunchy pumpkin seeds (opt).


Bone Broths

Save leftover chicken bones or beef bones.  After I roast a chicken, I remove the meat from the bones. I save the bones in a freezer bag in the freezer until I have enough to fill my stock pot or slow cooker ½ full.  I will do the same with beef bones.

I  also do smaller batches with the bones from one chicken. After dinner, all the bones go into a smaller stockpot or slow cooker with all the juices from the roasting pan. I add the neck and gizzards that I saved in the refrigerator. If you have chicken feet, even better.

Cover the bones with water. Add 1 Tb of ACV – apple cider vinegar, 2 Tb for a larger pot (draws minerals out of the bones). Add a tsp of Himalayan sea salt and a little pepper.

For a large pot, add 1 large chopped onion, 4-6 chopped garlic cloves, 2 chopped carrots and 2 chopped celery.  Use less for a small pot.

Let sit for 30 minutes.

Bring to a boil, removing any scum that floats to the surface.  Reduce heat and simmer covered for 6-24 hours.  The longer the better. If using a slow cooker, cook on low for 12-24 hrs.  Add a ¼ c fresh parsley in the last 15 minutes.

Strain the broth into a bowl.  Move to refrigerator when cooled slightly.  The next day, skim off the fat and save for cooking.  The broth should be gelatinous.  If not, next time use less water.  Store in the refrigerator or scoop into freezer baggies/containers and store in the freezer.

You can drink the broth straight up adding a little seasoning (parsley, basil, maybe more salt) or use it in your recipes.

Bone broths are very healing for the intestines and a great digestive aid.



1 Tb butter, ghee, or coconut oil

1 large onion, chopped

4-6 garlic cloves, chopped

3 carrots, sliced

1 celery, sliced

4 c homemade chicken broth (see bone broth recipe)

1 Tb dried basil

1-2 tsp Himalayan or Celtic sea salt

Pepper to taste

Couple of handfuls of escarole, spinach, swiss chard or kale (opt)

1 c cooked chicken, chopped

Melt oil in a large sauce pan. Add onions, cook for 2 minutes. Add garlic, carrots, and celery, cook for 3 minutes.  Add chicken broth, basil, salt and pepper.  Simmer for 15-20 minutes until carrots and celery are almost tender. Add greens if using.  When all veggies are tender, add chicken to warm.  Taste and adjust seasoning. May need to add salt, onion powder and/or garlic powder.